Wherever you go, there you are


Theme song – Hawaii Five Oh

“Where am I?” I thought, as we drove through the quaint cottages of an old Kunia plantation blasting the theme from Hawaii FIve Oh. Earlier that day, Chris, Jennifer and I convened at the old Volcano Joe’s near UH with the intention of heading for Laie Falls. As clouds rolled in, we decided we would be better off heading west, so with Jennifer navigating and only a very vague idea of where we were going, we hit the road.

We eventually found our chosen route blocked by huge dirt piles. Long story short, we stealthily parked the car at the slightly shabby golf course down the street and set off to see what we could find. Just when we had concluded that we were hopelessly lost, we encountered the Honouliuli Preserve. The moss-covered huge rocks and trees felt like Oregon. Some time later, and with some adventures, we reached the crest of a ridge with a spectacular view. I don’t think we were anywhere near where we intended to be and we probably weren’t supposed to be there, so I’ll leave it at that. But it was an excellent hike. We congratulated ourselves on our accomplishment with burritos from Taco del Mar.


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