A spooky hike up Wiliwili Nui Ridge


Theme song for hike – “You Better Hope You’re Not Alone”


Wiliwili Nui is a Koolau ridge hike that parallels the other ridge trails, including Waahila Ridge (Mt. Olympus), Lanipo, Hawaii Loa, and Kuliouou. From the top of the trail you could hang a left to Lanipo or a right to Hawaii Loa. Overall, this is the easiest of the ridge hikes, but the last small portion to the summit is eroded and kind of scrambly. There are some old ropes for assistance. It’s a good hike for the novice with a little challenge at the end to make them feel proud of themselves.



Just before the peak is a large antennae installation. Just when you start thinking you are out in nature… The great thing about it (that I discovered over the days after the hike) is that the tallest antenna visually marks where you stood from far away – like from a kayak off Kahala. Everytime I look up now I see that antenna.


We met a solitary old man on the lower dirt road portion with a really big back pack. He said he only went as far as the steps. So why did he need that big bag?? We were glad we weren’t alone… The wind howled in the trees and the bamboo creaked…. And then we rounded a corner and suddenly there was a dark mysterious figure in a billowing black and blue track suit with dark hair covering his/her face, doing something in the trees at the edge of the path. Better hope you’re not alone…

We made it back safely and chowed down at California Pizza Kitchen.


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