It’s an Easter double header – Hawaii Loa and Pu’u Pia


Started the morning with the Hawaii Loa trail.  Conditions were perfect – it threatened to rain but held off the whole time, keeping it grey and little cool.  The trail was damp, but not slippery.  Parts of Hawaii Loa (mainly the last steep quarter of the hike) really need the attached ropes when it is raining or very dry and dusty.  We got a little bit of the Windward view from the top before the mist rolled in.


If you are hiking HL, be sure to remember that you need a Hawaii driver’s license to sign in at the guard shack.  And they are very particular about not using any of the “community” facilities at the top, like the picnic shelter and the bathroom.  I’ve used that bathroom plenty of times, but you have to be kind of low key about it.  If I lived there, I would prefer that hikers use the bathroom rather than the alternative, but they don’t seem to think like that.


Hawaii Loa usually takes around 3 hours at a leisurely but continuous pace, but to make it down for yet another hike in the afternoon, I left my friends at the top and made it back in a little less than 2 1/2 hours.

In the afternoon, Conrad, Moksha and I joined Chris and the Hawaii Hikers for a picnic on Pu’u Pia.  It was drizzly and at times frankly raining, so I didn’t get any pics, but I hear there will be a video at  We ate (and drank) ridiculously well, including stilton, cheezewiz, pecans, fruit, olives, easter eggs, and a chilled bottle of chardonnay, and sipped mimosas on the way back down.


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