Hike Club on the West Siiiiiiiiiiiiide



As you drive past Nanakuli toward Waianae, there’s a big rocky hump on the right side of the road, topped with some old concrete bunkers. This is Pu’u o Hulu. When I used to drive past this to work in Waianae, it never occurred to me that I would be on top of it looking down.


To get up to the bunkers, one takes a steep rocky scramble starting on the right side of Kaukama Road. This part isn’t particularly difficult, but there are a few spots where you have to rock climb. The bunkers command an unobstructed view from Barber’s Point to Kaena Point. And they are surprisingly clean and don’t stink. Either someone maintains them or the climb keeps away the casual beer drinker.



You can return the way you came or follow the ridge onward. The ridge trail has a few narrow hairy spots and a little rock climbing. The trail ribbons are ancient (pink faded to white) and far between. At the water tower, stay to the right along the fence and start to switchback downward. You should see some more recent green ribbons placed by the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club.


At the bottom, follow the fence to the right to get out. You emerge into a strange cookie-cutter new neighborhood called Sea Country. Seems to be largely occupied by military types. From here, head back to Kaukama and your car. Be warned that at least one hiker has had his car spray painted here. And be sure to bring plenty of water – enough to last hours on an exposed ridge in Waianae. Nuff said. Overall, a very cool hike. Supposedly the loop is about 4 miles. Not the most difficult, but certainly challenging enough to be interesting, especially on the ridge.



Finished the day by welcoming a new Hike Club member and roommate, Jennifer, at the always fabulous Green Door.  We tried the oyster mushroom sea bass for the first time and it was a revelation.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.


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