Hike Club floats, eats and leaves


Sadly no hike this week, but kayaking right off the beach at HCHQ helped make up for it. And we’ve proven that Moksha floats! Papillons are supposed to hate the water, and while I wouldn’t say that he loves it, he tolerates it well. I’m not sure if he enjoys swimming or is terrified or a little of both…

We followed up kayaking with a foray to my new favorite watering hole. OK, now I know this isn’t sophisticated, but I’m serious. Where in Honolulu can you find a huge bar with dark wood and chandeliers and sofas and a trivia machine, except…. The Spaghetti Factory?! We were drawn there by a craving for starch and cheese and a certain lightness of the wallet. We’ll go back to sprawl on the sofas with a $15 bottle of sangiovese and to maintain our high score on the trivia machine.



One Response to “Hike Club floats, eats and leaves”

  1. Amanda Says:

    You forgot to mention how you tried to take Moksha home and he kept pulling you back to the beach! It’s official…he’s a beach boy!

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