All the way around the rim of Koko Crater!


Koko Crater in Hawaii Kai is a striking landmark, holding the Koko Crater Botanical Garden in its basin. Circling the rim of Koko Crater is like doing two very different hikes. The ocean side ridge of the crater is somewhat challenging in spots but features superlative views along the entire ridge and overall is a great hike. (Some people approach the ridge from Halona Blowhole, but this brings you out a good way along the crater rim toward the top. If you approach from the Botanical Garden in the center of the crater, you can climb the entire ridge from the beginning.)


At the highest edge of the crater rim the trail meets up with the top of the “Koko Head Stairs.” The inland side of the crater rim from the stairs back down to the Botanical Garden isn’t really a trail at all – just a scramble along a narrow and treacherous ridge with a precipitous drop-off on both sides. While it is satisfying to have met the challenge of circling the entire crater and surviving, I can’t really recommend the inland crater rim experience. Not only is it death-defying, but the view is relatively uninteresting. And you are likely to get yelled at by the botanical garden’s guard for your trouble! Do it if you must, but I reserve the right to say, ” I told you so.” I must admit that Hike Club feels a little proud for having done it…



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