Waimano Pools with HTMC


This is a great hike and a great place to swim under a waterfall. Can’t believe we haven’t done it sooner! The trailhead is in Pearl City, way up at the end of Komomai Road. This is an old residential neighborhood, full of modest 1950’s houses. As I went further and further up the road I started thinking, “Why would anyone live here? It isn’t close to ANYTHING.” Well, it is at least close to one of the prettiest waterfalls on Oahu.

The trail follows an old road for a bit and then takes off down a big hill criss-crossed by tangled tree roots. From there it is pretty much just down, down, down for a few miles. A little mud. Some nice orchids. A really huge mango tree at a recently-used campsite. And the big payoff at the end is a series of three pools with two waterfalls, a larger one at the top and a smaller one below.

The uphill climb on the way back (after a dip in freezing cold water) makes you feel like you really earned your beer.



One Response to “Waimano Pools with HTMC”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Well, I hope you don’t mind doing this hike again! This sounds wonderful and I hope that we can all get together and do it soon! Hehe…that sounds kinda dirty…

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