Hike Club #14: Mount Olympus


“They don’t call it Mt. Olympus for nothing.”

We have officially decided that this is our most difficult hike so far! This record was previously held by Lanipo. The Wa’ahila Ridge Trail (or as Kate seems to prefer to call it, the Wa’ahila Widge Twail) is a mile shorter and has 500 ft less elevation gain than Lanipo, but the narrow trail, muddy footing, and slippery scrambling gave it the first place edge. The rain didn’t help. The upper ridge trail could sure use some ropes. We descended from the summit using the highly technical booty belay.

Fortunately, we were fueled by a delicious breakfast and gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches prepared by Amanda. We also gorged on strawberry guava, which grows so thickly that the trail was carpeted by guava paste is parts. We were frightened by a squealing boar and a smoke monster. And we barely made it back to the car before they closed the park gates for the evening.

The view is truly killer. From the summit you can see Kaneohe, Kailua, Olomana, Ka’au Crater, Koko Head, Diamond Head, Waikiki, and the airport, all by just turning in a circle!






2 Responses to “Hike Club #14: Mount Olympus”

  1. The shortest HCHC Says:

    Man…I’m still hurting from that hike…what a killer! That boar haunts me in my sleep…I think that was the first hike that wasn’t concluded by an alcoholic beverage. What’s wrong with us?

  2. Lara Says:

    YA-HOOOOO!!!! Looks like a great hike. We wish we were there, but Ted, Lamb, and I were busy with the new style of not-faux-yoga (no-fo-yo) and Thanksgiving celebration with our newest hopeful HC recruit. See you Thursday eve! Love you guys. xoxo

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